Mila Finder - An Exciting Journey

When the Mila Finder Team first discovered the technology that would enable us to locate items with short wave radio signals, we were thrilled. We immediately began researching the market and testing dozens of samples. One thing stood out almost immediately. Trackers are not all created equal. Some didn't even work at all.

The Mila Finder Team is uniquely qualified from years of sourcing part, products and conducting market research with our huge US customer base. The gears began turning and we created the first Mila Finder in 2016. The demand was HUGE!

We quickly began discovering ways to improve the phone app and in 2019 completed a custom application for both iPhone and Android and released it. The app was custom build to feature everything that our team cared about with an easy to use interface and clear information. 

Finally, after 3 years working and fine-tuning the Mila Finder, we are excited to announce the release of Mila Finder 3.1.4! Available August 1st!