About Us

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Our Story 

We believe in finding lost things. After countless hours of research, we have created something we think every person can use. We hope to eliminate the frustration and confusion felt by the loss of a phone, keys or any other important item.  Our mission is to give you the power to find every anything and everything all the time.



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About Us

"At the core of our company is a passion to provide the world with useful, reliable and affordable products. We take what we do seriously and work very hard so we can be proud of each product we put in the hands of our customers"

Mark Schuyt, Co-Founder


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How It All Started 

We had a problem... where is my phone? We weren't the only ones. Our friends and family all seemed to loose their phone, keys, purse or remote on a regular basis. So we decided to solve the problem once and for all. After years of working with customers all around the globe, we have refined and perfected something that is more than just a key finder. It's a phone finder, location tracker, camera remote. It's the future.


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Join Our Team

We are on an endless quest for better solutions to finding lost items. Here at Mila Finder, we believe that our company is only as great as the team we work with. We push each other and strive for perfection.



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Wholesale options are available for verified retailers. If you are interested in wholesale of our products, please contact us at info@milafinder.com.