The Mila Finder®

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Color: Pink
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The Mila Finder®

The Mila Finder®


The Mila Finder®

Color: Pink

    Are you the type to always lose your keys, phone or anything valueable?

    With Mila Finder® Assortment you won’t ever have to worry about losing your valuables ever.
    Simply clip on the round tile Mila Finder® around your phone, car key, wallet or even your tv remote and you will be able to locate them via sound and track them on the app.

    120 dB for easy find
    1-year battery life
    Swap quickly
    Resist splashes
    Secure items
    Call from the App
    Track your items
    Change ring tone

    The Mila Finder® -Map Locator

    Got disconnected from your Mila Finder®? No problem! Just tap on the map icon within the app and pull up the last location you were still connected to retrace your steps.

    Reconnect easily with Mila Finder®

    The Mila Finder map locator app is a user-friendly, GPS-based tool that helps you easily find and navigate to your desired destinations, providing real-time directions and location information at your fingertips.

    The Mila Finder® - Selfie Remote

    The built-in camera remote feature is perfect for group photos. Just tap on the Camera icon within the app to use your Finder as a camera remote control.

    Top Reviews

    If you lose your keys or phone as often as I do, this is the product for you! Works great!!
    Jamie Hopkins
    Great device good battery
    Nathaniel Eyler
    Great product 👌🏼 works every time!
    Nadia Bernard