Connect Your MilaFinder

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Check out the most popular questions from our users along with answers and instructions. 

What is Mila Finder?

Mila Finder is a Bluetooth item finder. That means that you can attach it to any valuable you own and ring it in seconds with the ForU8 Application on your phone. In addition, you can double press the Finder and your phone will ring! 

Getting Started

1. Download the free "ForU8" app ForU8 app icon

2.  Turn on the device with a long press

3. Open the app and press the "+" icon, then select the Mila Finder device to pair

tap plus symbol to add finder searching ForU8 App screen

Finding Your Valuables 

To locate your phone: Double press the finder to activate the alarm on your phone.

finder calling phone 

To find your keys or other attached item just go to the "Device" tab, select your connected finder and press the "Call" button

tap the device tab and select your connected finder to call tap call button to ring the finder

Selfie Remote

Want to take a group shot but don't have a photographer? Just go to the Camera tab in the app and then set your phone up in the perfect position. Then pose for the camera and press your finder once to snap a selfie remotely

tap camera tab to use the selfie remote  selfie screen shot image

Lost Record

If you become disconnected from your finder,  select the Location tab in the app. Tap on Lost Record to see where you were disconnected on the map. Then retrace your steps to find your lost item.

arrow showing location tab location tab with arrow to lost record lost record view in app


Updating the Finder Image

To help keep keep track of multiple finders attached to the same phone, it is helpful to set images for each connected finder. Add an image by going to the Device tab and selecting the app icon displayed in the circular window. Then snap a photo or select one from your photo library.

arrow showing how to update finder image upload finder default image view

General Settings

Jump to your finder settings by selecting your connected finder from the device tab and taping the gear icon.

devise tab indicated with arrow arrow showing how to navigate to settings

From there, you have a few options:

settings tab screen view

Device Name: allows you to update the name of your finder

Disconnecting Notification: toggle on if you would like to be notified anytime your connected finder becomes disconnected from your phone. If this is switched to on, your phone will notify you anytime you get out of range from your finder, your finder will also beep continuously.

Ringtones: browse through the library of ringtones to select the one that sounds right for you.

Battery Level: monitor your finders battery by regularly checking the battery level. If you are running low, pop your battery and replace it with a standard CR2032 cell battery.

More Settings: Silent and Wifi Zone

There may be times you don't want any alerts to go off on your phone. In the evening you may not want your toddler to set off an alarm when they play with your keys. At work, you might not want to risk an alert going off accidentally in your pocket. This setting gives you control over the time and location your finder is active. Go to the More tab and select the Silent Period or Wifi Safe Zone to set specific times or wifi zones that you would prefer your finder to be inactive.

more tab with view of wifi safe zone and silent period zone silent zone settings wifi safe zone settings