10" Selfie Ring Light with Bluetooth Shutter
10" Selfie Ring Light with Bluetooth Shutter Cell Phone Accessories Mila Lifestyle Accessories

10" Selfie Ring Light with Bluetooth Shutter

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To beat the competition, you need next level tools. With the 10" Mila Selfie Ring Light, you can take the perfect videos, photos and more! Never again have to worry about finding the right location for your shot. Set it up in minutes with you ring light, so that you can focus on what matters -- your craft. Capture the right shot the first time with the Mila Selfie Ring Light.

BONUS: Now you can create that polished feel without a second of editing! Each selfie light now Includes a Bluetooth Shutter so that you can take photos or start recording from a distance. Setting a timer for your photos, or backing up from the camera after hitting record are a thing of the past!

Ways You Can Use Your Selfie Ring Light

  • Recording Videos
  • TikTok
  • Make-Up Tutorials
  • Zoom Meetings
  • Product Photography
  • ...and More!

The possibilities are endless, and only a click away. Give yourself an edge over the competition, and take your video and photo game to the next level with the 10" Selfie Ring Light from Mila.

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